At The Courteous Canine, we specialize in one-on-one dog obedience training sessions in your home environment. Whether you have a dog that needs to start with the basics or just needs a refresher course, give us a howl and we’ll get started. We offer dog obedience training in most of southern Colorado, including Westcliffe, Silver Cliff, Salida, Canon City, Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

Happy dogs. Happy owners.

When it comes to learning, the dog should have fun. You should have fun, too. You will become confident that the skills you are learning are life-long, successful skills.


You should have fun too. You’ll become confident that the skills you’re learning are life long, successful skills.

Three is a crowd.

I train in a one-on-one environment in your environment.  This provides 100% concentration on you and what you want for your dog spending  little or no time on commands the dog may already know.  Unlike group classes you will not feel that any of the time is 'wasted'.

Training, not torture.

There will be no choke chains, electronic collars, prong collars or flexi-leads.  The tools I use and recommend for dog obedience training include leashes, flat collars, head halters, pea-sized treats, toys, harnesses, clickers and lots of praise.

Find out more about The Courteous Canine's dog obedience trainer, Becky Poisson, read some of our testimonials, or contact us now for more information.
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